White Paper:
Securing Wireless Devices in Healthcare

Locking Down Medical IoT With Radio Fingerprinting


Over the last decade, the productivity benefits of wirelessly connected devices have made healthcare one of the largest industries to embrace the Internet of Things (IoT) trend. But this trend is not without words of caution from the National Institute of Health (NIH), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and others regarding the security issues that come with broad access of sensor devices to patient data and mobile devices to electronic health records (EHRs). One study indicates 82% of health provider IoT devices have been targeted by cyberattacks.

This white paper addresses the scope, nature, and origins of cyberattacks on IoT devices in the healthcare industry. Furthermore, the paper proposes a fix for both legacyand future devices for a great majority of the popular attack types leveraging a new form of wireless authentication called radio fingerprinting.